PINANA STRANGO! | 54MG - 24MG - 0MG - 30ML
PINANA STRANGO! | 54MG - 24MG - 0MG - 30ML
PINANA STRANGO! | 54MG - 24MG - 0MG - 30ML

PINANA STRANGO! | 54MG - 24MG - 0MG - 30ML

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PINANA STRANGO! is a 30ml 54MG Pineapple Banana Strawberry Mango All Up in Yo Mouth Pod juice refill liquid 

 Available in 54MG, 24MG  and 0MG

Coming soon to your Favorite Vape shop!

 Dr. ShugarChitz, the top-selling makers of amazing fruit-flavored all-day-vape e-liquids that took the market by storm, is back w/ life-altering Salt Nic Pod Juices.

Long thought consumed by the rectum of the foul Comandante of D.O.U.C.H.E., Dr. Shugarchitz was, in fact called to a higher duty as the mysterious Q.
During many heroic missions, he uncovered a plot by the Chinese gov. to enslave US vapers with disposable vapes filled with an evil mind-controlling mystery fluid.

The Deep state, Long controlled by lizard people, conspired to ban all E-liquid except “disposables “ by creating clever loopholes in their laws.

Once Q…er...Dr. Shugarchitz was discovered he was imprisoned only narrowly escaping the dungeon of a DC pizza parlor. After curing covid, Dr. ShugarChitz has reemerged to rain his tasty chits once again upon those in need, & free the people from the mind-controlling clutches of disposables and cigarettes.

This time the chitz got real.

Where we Chitz one, we chitz all