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Who are the Stoned Apes?

The Stoned Ape Products team is an elite group of Biochemists, seasoned businessmen, experienced product  design specialists, and philosophers completely dedicated to creating, sourcing  and marketing the highest quality legal recreational products known to man.   We offer the promise of complete satisfaction and an amazing experience from our proprietary Delta-8  extraction methodologies, to vaping devices with the highest functionality. We also carry  a select group of  products from only the best makers of Delta-8 products in the industry.   Every minute, of every day our team is hard at work pondering how to make our customers experience  unmatched.  I guess that's why 75% of our online business are our loyal customers checking in for a re-up

If you have what it takes to bring our product to more future apes,  and have a desire to make truckloads of money,  while offering customers an experience unlike any other...please sign up for our program.



Current Hot Delta8 Products


We can't keep these items in stock, they basically sell themselves.  Here are links to starter packs deals and product collections from our SUPER popular SNAP Delta-8 line:



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Bobby Nash

510-831-HIGH (4444)

Snap Premium Delta-8 by Stoned Ape Products

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