What Is Nic Salt?


What Is Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?

When you shop for e-liquid – whether it’s online or in local vape shops – one of the first things you’ll notice is that nicotine salt e-liquids are just about everywhere these days. There’s no question about it – nicotine salt has become extremely popular. The rapid rise in nicotine salt’s popularity has led to a bit of confusion, though, in that people have lost sight of what its benefits are and who should be using it. We’re going to set the record straight about nicotine salt e-liquid.

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So, What Is Nicotine Salt E-Liquid? 

Nicotine salt e-liquid begins its life as a standard e-liquid with freebase nicotine. The manufacturer adds acid to the e-liquid – benzoic acid is popular – and the acid lowers the e-liquid’s pH. It also changes the molecular structure of the nicotine, changing it back to its salt form. That’s it! The acid is what makes nicotine salt e-liquids different from other e-liquids.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself why e-liquid manufacturers would bother making nicotine salt e-liquid if tobacco industry researchers have proven that freebase nicotine is more satisfying. We’ll address that question next.

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What are the differences between nicotine salt and freebase nicotine e-liquids? 

Most E-Liquids Use Freebase Nicotine

An e-liquid contains one of two types of nicotine: freebase nicotine or nicotine salt. Of the two, freebase nicotine is more common. You’ll find it in almost all e-liquids. You’ll also find it in nicotine replacement products such as gums and lozenges. Many cigarettes even contain freebase nicotine.

The Extraction Process Creates Freebase Nicotine

While it is still in the tobacco leaf, nicotine is a salt. During the process of extracting the nicotine from the leaf for use in other products, though, laboratories use ammonia as a solvent to obtain higher yields. The ammonia increases the pH of the nicotine and alters its molecular structure. The extraction process, in other words, changes the nicotine from a salt to a free base.

The History of Ammoniated Tobacco 

Fermenting Tobacco

Adding ammonia to tobacco isn’t a trend that began with nicotine extraction. Actually, ammoniating tobacco is a trick that the tobacco company Philip Morris discovered in the 1960s. Through internal research, Philip Morris discovered that if a cigarette contained ammonia, smokers would find it smoother and more satisfying. Ammonia eventually helped to make Marlboro the world’s most popular cigarette brand, and the other tobacco companies took notice. Many cigarettes contain ammonia today.

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What Are the Benefits of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid? 

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Contains More Nicotine

You’ve probably heard a great many people claim that nicotine salt e-liquids are more satisfying than standard e-liquids because nicotine salt is more natural – more like the nicotine in the tobacco leaf. The claim is correct, but the reason isn’t. Nicotine salt e-liquid is only more satisfying than standard e-liquid because it contains more nicotine.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Is Smoother

Now, you’re probably asking yourself why the industry went to such a great length as to incorporate nicotine salt e-liquid when they could have just added more nicotine to standard e-liquid. The answer is quite simple: the high pH of standard e-liquid creates too much harshness in the throat and lungs at higher nicotine strengths, making the vapor too unpleasant to inhale. At any nicotine strength higher than about 18 mg, most people find freebase nicotine e-liquid virtually impossible to use. People find that the lower pH of nicotine salt makes the e-liquid much smoother and less irritating to inhale. The reduced irritation of nicotine salt makes it possible to create an e-liquid that contains far more nicotine but is still completely pleasant to use.

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Who should buy nicotine salt e-liquid? 

Why Would People Want Higher-Nicotine E-Liquids?

The vaping industry existed for years before nicotine salt e-liquid was invented – so why, you might ask, are higher-nicotine e-liquids necessary now if they weren’t before? The answer is that, in small e-cigarettes, 18 mg of nicotine never has actually been enough. Studies have proven that, with a small e-cigarette and a standard e-liquid, the body doesn’t absorb enough nicotine to even come close to the level that one would get from smoking a cigarette. With a standard e-liquid, switching from smoking to vaping means that you’ll have to adjust to lower nicotine levels. Some people find that they simply can’t handle the adjustment. They either smoke and vape concurrently or go back to smoking full-time. Other people switch to more powerful vaping devices such as sub-ohm vape pens and mods. Since a more powerful device produces more vapor, the user can absorb more nicotine – but many people don’t want to use large vaping devices. Nicotine salt e-liquid, therefore, provides a solution to the problem of low satisfaction with the smaller vaping devices that many people want to use.

As we mentioned above, standard e-liquids typically have nicotine strengths no higher than about 18 mg. Nicotine salt e-liquid, on the other hand, is available in strengths ranging up to 50 mg. Dr. Shugar Chitz nicotine salt e-liquid has a strength of 45 mg, but our e-liquid is special. We’ll explain why next. Research has proven that with the higher strength of nicotine salt e-liquid, it’s possible to attain blood-nicotine levels very close to the levels that one would get from smoking a cigarette.

Why Is Dr. Shugar Chitz Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Unique?

As we just mentioned, Dr. Shugar Chitz nicotine salt e-liquid is available in a nicotine strength of 45 mg rather than the standard 50 mg. Why did we go with a slightly lower strength for our nicotine salt e-liquids? As satisfying as nicotine salt e-liquid is from a nicotine absorption standpoint, it has a major shortcoming in that its smoothness prevents it from creating the same nicotine hit in the throat that you feel when smoking. Other nicotine salt e-liquids, in other words, deliver nicotine like a cigarette but don’t feel like a cigarette. We’ve solved that problem by creating an e-liquid that delivers both the throat sensation that you crave and the nicotine absorption that you require.

With Our Nicotine Salts e-liquids you will experience a smooth and satisfying hit, based upon our proprietary ThroatHit™ Salt nicotine blending process. kJ Laboratories has developed a patent pending process aimed at providing the best throat hit possible without excessive amounts of nicotine.

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