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Dr. Shugar Chitz E-Liquid

About Dr. Shugar Chitz

Dr. Shugar Chitz is the top-selling satirical e-liquid offering amazing fruit flavored all day vape e-liquids that have taken the market by storm. Recently Rated in the Top 20 most visible Brands in North America by Ecig Intelligence, The chitz has hit the Fan!

With mind-bending fruit-blended flavors that also come in Chilled, Dr. Shugar Chitz is the perfect addition to the premium e-liquid selection in your shop or kiosk.

Dr. Shugar Chitz, Now comes in Salt Nicotine for Pod Based Devices!

Salty Chitz Comes in all flavors and has earned its place as a Highly acclaimed Salt nicotine based E-liquid. Enjoy a smoother but satisfying hit with our proprietary ThroatHit™ nic salt Blend!

Rated in the Top Four Salt Nic Liquids in The US Market by Ecig Intelligence, Salty Chitz will blow you away with 30ml's of the Tastiest flavor and Smoothest nic hit in the entire Universe!

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Talking Chitz: Everything You want to know about Vaping & E-Liquid

Choosing the Right Vaping Device

Choosing the Right Vaping Device

Choosing the Right Vaping Device in 3 Easy Steps

Buy the Best E-Cigarette for Your Needs With This Actionable Guide

One of the things that makes smoking so addictive is that it’s incredibly easy. Every cigarette that exists works in the same way – just light and puff. There’s nothing to get between you and your nicotine – and that’s why it’s so easy to get hooked. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are completely different. There are dozens of different vaping devices on the market – possibly hundreds – and each one has its own unique set of features and capabilities.

Battery Safety

Battery Safety

E-Cigarette Battery Safety: A Straightforward Overview

Do you spend any time thinking about whether you’re using your vaping device and batteries in the safest manner? If you don’t, you should take the time to do so because lithium-ion batteries are far more powerful than most people realize. Apart from the fact that both types of batteries are very efficient stores of energy, the lithium-ion batteries of today bear little resemblance to the disposable alkaline batteries that you’re accustomed to using. If a lithium-ion battery is treated so improperly that it experiences a critical failure, it can potentially vent flames and hot gases, starting a fire or causing severe burn damage to your skin in the process. Trapped inside a vaping device with poor venting, a lithium-ion battery can even cause an explosion. Lithium-ion batteries are extremely powerful, and you must treat them with respect. Vape safely! This is our overview of e-cigarette battery safety.

What Is Nic Salt?

What Is Nic Salt?

What Is Nic Salt?

When you shop for e-liquid – whether it’s online or in local vape shops – one of the first things you’ll notice is that nicotine salt e-liquids are just about everywhere these days. There’s no question about it – nicotine salt has become extremely popular. The rapid rise in nicotine salt’s popularity has led to a bit of confusion, though, in that people have lost sight of what its benefits are and who should be using it. We’re going to set the record straight about nicotine salt e-liquid. 


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